Do not mess with the GOAT! I repeat DO NOT MESS WITH THE GOAT!

The KC police say they’ve found the guy who trained a laser pointer on Tom Brady’s face during the AFC Championship game, according to CBS Sports.

No surprise — the guy’s a hardcore Chiefs fan. Also no surprise, sources connected to the suspect told TMZ the guy had been drinking alcohol before he broke out the laser pointer. And the Chiefs still lost!

To refresh your memory, Brady was hit with a green light during the wild fourth quarter of the January 20 game at Arrowhead Stadium.

CBS Sports reported that cops investigated the situation and eventually cited 64-year-old Dwyan Morgan, who is reportedly a massive Chiefs fan. It’s unclear how authorities were able to track down Morgan, but there are a ton of cameras at those games for the TV coverage and for security purposes.​

Morgan has been hit with a disturbing the peace citation and faces up to one year in jail plus a $1,000 fine, according to TMZ. That's what you get for messing with TOM BRADY!

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