He was told he was out of second chances, but now will get another.

According to Fosters.com, Jordan C. Lamonde appeared for his fourth bail violation hearing on Monday. He reportedly tested positive for low levels of THC on Friday. Fosters reported his attorney explained that he again tested positive for THC not because of continued marijuana use, but a cannabis-derived substance taken to help him with his anxiety.

In the Fosters report, defense attorney John Durkin explained in court Monday that his client took the recommendation of an unnamed individual, and began taking cannabidiol (CBD) to help with his anxiety and depression. Lamonde’s family reportedly confirmed with the manufacturer that there was THC in this oil but not enough where the company reportedly doesn’t have to list it anywhere on the label, according to the defense attorney. In April, during a hearing triggered by Lamonde’s third violation for THC, Judge Steven Houran warned Lamonde that it was his “last” chance and that his $150,000 personal recognizance bail would be revoked if anything further happened.

Lamonde, 23, of Portsmouth, will face a single felony count of second-degree assault for allegedly hitting and kneeing a Rochester Planet Fitness employee a total of 41 times in the North Main Street gym’s parking lot on June 12, 2017. The assault was caught on security cameras.

His criminal trial is set for next week.if convicted, he faces up to 7 years in prison.



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