According to, Adam Sandler has something in common with the graduates of Manchester Central High School. Not only will they have high school diplomas from the same fine establishment. They will spend the night of their graduation doing exactly what he did. Absolutely nothing! Here is the series of Tweets he shared on Tuesday in perfect Sandman Fashion: Look at him in that cap and gown! He looks very "Billy Madison".

Times are uncertain right now but I love the message he is sending. It is disappointing and anticlimactic to graduate in this fashion. It is also unsettling to be joining the working world or continuing ones education during these uncertain times. But we can't give up home! Among the class of 2020 are doctors, lawyers, app developers, and yes, Hollywood actors. Their underwhelming present is not indicative of their futures. Because when the world comes back stronger and smarter than we were before, we will need their talents.

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