Jennifer Kulesza is not like a regular mom. She's a FUN mom. There is no such thing as having too much fun! Especially in this heavy, heartbreaking, crazy world we are living in right now.

Jennifer told NH Chronicle that she acquired three totes of old Halloween costumes from her neighbor. Her husband asked what in the world she was going to do with all of those costumes?! Well, she put them to pretty good use!

Her daughters are doing at home learning via Zoom. One day she decided to show up in the background of her daughters Zoom class in a crazy costume. Her daughter cringed with embarrassment but her classmates and teacher LOVED it. So she decided to make it a habit. Every day Jennifer appears in costume on her daughters Zoom calls. She has been a witch, an old man, a bear, and a weird blue thing that you would see blowing in the wind outside a car dealership. The most exciting part is that her daughters never know when it's going to happen! It could be right when the teacher starts talking or it could be at the very end as every one is saying their goodbyes. I love the element of mystery.

These days we are all in desperate need of a reason to smile so the story has spread like crazy. She initially posted the video on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page. Then WMUR picked up the story. The next thing you know the story is on MSN, Yahoo News , even on news channels in Seattle, WA. That's right, folks! We've gone bi coastal. I hope Ellen see's it and features the story on her show. I feel like it's right up her alley.

If/when I get to be a mom someday, I hope I am half as fun as Jennifer! Well done :)

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