There is an increased concern about panhandling from residents, and the police chief has decided to give a statement.

Mike Simons, Getty Images
Mike Simons, Getty Images

Manchester Ink Link reports that Manchester Police Chief Nick Willard has released a statement to the public asking that they not give money to panhandlers in the city.

The growing problem, especially in the downtown vicinity, is somewhat of a concern for law enforcement and residents.

Chief Willard says in a statement......

According to MPD records between 2015 to June 1, 2017 twenty-four (24) people that have been involved in panhandling have overdosed, requiring medical intervention, some of whom have overdosed multiple times. Six (6) of the  twenty-four (24) died from their overdose.

He highlights how the "simple act of kindness could very well lead to their overdose or death," but that it is a complex issue over all, and that more can be done to help panhandlers.

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Read Chief Willard's statement HERE.

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