A woman was in a Manchester gas station, and started throwing things around. After attacking the employee with a wine bottle, she allegedly chucked charcoal at police officers.

Wednesday was a rough one for 25 year old Beth Whittaker. According to WMUR News 9, she walked in to the Kenoco gas station around 8pm, and started throwing things around. Whittaker then tried to fly under the radar by attempting to leave without paying for her items. The clerk reportedly chased after her and brought her back into the station. While police were on their way, Whittaker grabbed a case of beer and opened one a can. This, in addition to the bottle of red wine she already had in her possession. More on that later. 

While she was attempting to crack a can of beer, possibly knowing the police were minutes away, the clerk reached to take it out of her hand. He told WMUR News 9 "she cocked her arm back and pretty much, whack, right in the face. After that I kind of was a little fuzzy."

When police arrived, she didn't slow down her rampage, and police had to use a taser. She was then taken into custody, and is facing multiple charges.

The clerk, who had a black eye, and was sore told WMUR News 9 he planned to be back at work Thursday.



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