According to, a Manchester, New Hampshire, woman called police Monday night to report an assault.

Authorities said when they arrived on the scene, they found a tube of vampire blood and other makeup usually reserved for the October holiday.

Christie Benoit, 20, is facing charges of giving police a false report and falsifying physical evidence, according to authorities.

Benoit called police shortly before 10pm to report a neighbor had assaulted her, according to

Upon investigation, officers found what they initially thought was blood in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, plus a coffee table out of place and a broken plate, the article reported, but after looking deeper, police figured out it wasn’t blood.

They also found the tube of Vampire Blood, and determined that Benoit’s eyes had makeup around them, according to

Police said in the article that “She told officers the assault had caused the black eyes and also her nose to bleed.”

Shortly after this, Benoit was arrested. She is due in court later this month.

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