Our own New England boy Mark Wahlberg posted a shirtless pic of him flexing his muscles last year and it was unbelievable. I was seriously thinking about my life decisions afterward.  I wrote about his shredded physique about 6 months ago.  He’s 49 years old and I felt personally attacked for not looking even remotely like his shirtless pic from not long ago.


Mark’s Insane Workout Routine History


Yahoo.com back then said he chalks up his polished body to “Six months of Performance Inspired Nutrition, Aquahydrate, and F45 training. Clean eating.  Inspired to be better, team training/life-changing.”  Wahlberg has a long history of being a dedicated fitness buff and has been known to talk about his 4 am workout routine and the fact that he uses a cryo-chamber that goes down to 150 degrees below zero to help his muscles post-workout.


Before and After Pics from Just 3 Weeks Shows Radical Change


Wahlberg has taken a movie role requiring him to gain some weight and he just posted some pics to Instagram as reported by yahoo.com. He looks like he is rocking the Dad bod at the moment.  Just 20 pounds really made a dramatic difference in him.  The physical transformation is astounding.  He thanked @chef_lawrence_d for his cooking but I could have coached him into that weight gain.  Gaining weight is a skill I am proficient at, losing it, not so much.

Personally, if I got that fit even a movie role wouldn’t convince me to throw all that hard work away and gain the weight.  I'm a big fan of his. Amazing what he has acomplished in his career. By the way he has a documentary on his career and business adventures on HBO MAX and it's pretty good.

mark wahlberg's IG
mark wahlberg's IG

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