The CDC has suggested that all students going back to school this fall wear masks.

Governor Chris Sununu says not so fast.  During a press conference yesterday, the Governor said that it will be up to the schools to make that decision.

NHPR reports that the 54 page guidance document gives a lot of flexibility to each school district and what recommendations to follow.

Under this directive, students would not be mandated to wear a mask, but visitors to the school would be.  It also would require PPE for school nurses and special education teachers who will have to come into close contact with students.

Other guidelines included are to maintain a 3 feet distance and no congregation in the halls or lunch room.  There will be assigned seats in classrooms and on buses.

NHPR reports that many schools are planning on offering a variety of options, including in-person instruction, remote learning and a combination of both.

So, just what is the response to masks and schools. Good or bad?

I talked to a friend whose wife is a teacher about how he's feeling:

"Remember all that love and gratitude we felt for teachers back in April and May? Can we try and remember that as schools start announcing their plans for the fall?  Masks on your kids aren't just for their protection but for the teachers who are normally sneezed on, coughed on, drooled on routinely. On a normal year I get a bit nervous about what exotic bug the little incubators my wife teaches will send home. This year even more so."
Another fellow teacher said:
"As a middle school teacher, for the safety of them, me and my family, if I’m allowed I will ask students to wear masks all day. I shouldn’t have to fear for my life at work."
I also talked to a few parents about how they're feeling:
"Kids are more open to wearing than some people think. I had a 3 year old wear her mask in a childcare setting and never seemed concerned with it. She wasn’t phased. I’m sure it helped that mom was wearing one and spoke positively about them to her child. It’s all in the way it’s presented to the child. Remain positive even if you hate it. It’s for the safety of everyone."
And another friend commented:
"It is a shame how poorly we treat our educators in this country. If we are going to fully reopen schools, districts need a lot more money to purchase PPE, plexiglass, and other tools necessary to keep the teachers and students safe."
I agree that we have to do whatever we can to give our educators what they need to feel as much safety as possible for themselves and their students.  What do you think?

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