The changes proposed could mean a longer holiday break.

For generations, families have reveled in creating memories on ski slopes, trips to Florida, and sledding on backyard hills. The city of Salem, Massachusetts has taken the step of asking parents about changing the school's yearly schedule. Among the items up for discussion, February vacation.

According to NECN, officials in Salem have suggested eliminating both breaks in February and April. Some of the proposed time in school would be balanced out with a two-week vacation around the holidays in December.

While this winter hasn't exactly been a record breaking affair, snow days lost have been a major concern in years past, which also factors in to a potential change, according to NECN.

Also, Salem having a different schedule than surrounding communities would present other problems. Tanya O’Malley, a teacher told NECN, changing the timing of vacations would be tough for educators living in other communities. “My son goes to a different school so he has two weeks off in March. And so that has been interesting kind of juggling my scheduled vacation with his scheduled vacation."

According to NECN, The School Department is collecting feedback through the end of the month.

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