Authorities say he intentionally crashed it into a truck that was in pursuit.

Tuesday morning took an out of the ordinary turn when a man allegedly jumped in a box truck carrying $10,000 of lobster, only to intentionally crash it into a vehicle which was in pursuit, according to

This all reportedly went down in Charlestown, MA, while employees were still loading the truck shortly before 1am.

The employees jumped in a second truck to chase after the accused 29-year-old, according to a police statement. Then, the suspect “deliberately crashed the stolen truck into the second box truck.”

Weird move, right? This is where things get really fun.

Instead of capping his getaway, this move proved to be the unnamed suspect's downfall.

Employees who gave chase got a hold of the man and held him until police arrived.

According to, the man was arrested and charged with receiving a stolen motor vehicle, operating after a revocation or suspension, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, and threats to commit harm.

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