The Milford, Mass veteran stated “The flag means a lot to me, but I’m sure it does to the other guys too.”

A former Marine is being hailed as a hero after he ran back into an building engulfed in flames to rescue an American flag he couldn't stand to see burn. Milford Fire Department Lt. Bill Collins told WBZ  “I didn’t want to see the flag get hurt or burnt up.”

The situation became even more dangerous the second time in. By this time, the roof was caving in, and firefighters were forced out of the home after the roof collapsed. Collins, who Collins served the United States Marines in Operation Desert Storm saw the flag through a window, and decided to make the move, according to WBZ.

The fire broke out Tuesday afternoon, and first responders battled it for over two hours. The Milford Patch reported no humans died in the fire, but four cats perished.


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