The two year old girl was found outside in Worcester.

According to, a Lyft driver was working in Worcester, Massachusetts Wednesday morning around 3am, when he came across a 2-year-old girl. The toddler was found wandering outside in below freezing temperatures. She was reportedly being watched by her grandmother while her mother worked an overnight shift. Police believe the child woke up when her grandmother was sleeping and jarred the front door open. She wandered outside of her apartment, according to the Telegram.

The Lyft driver came along at precisely the right time, as scanner reports indicated the child was not wearing shoes. According to a report in the Telegram, the child was freezing and borderline hypothermic when the driver driver found her standing in a snowbank.  Fortunately, the girl is back home with her mother and in good health.

The story is similar to the tragedy we reported earlier this month in Newport, New Hampshire.



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