This is not a hot take, but Summer 2020 is going to look a lot different than any other Summer we've experienced. No opening day at Fenway Park, no Fryeburg Fair, and no Story Land!

Story Land would be open by now but with the uncertainty around the Covid-19 outbreak, they haven't been able to commit to a firm opening date. They recently announced on their Facebook that if you bought a 2020 Season Pass it is now valid for the entire 2021 season, and all 2020 Day Tickets (including those purchased during our Black Friday and St. Paddy's Day Sales) can be used either in 2020 or 2021.

So many families in Northern New England look forward to opening day at Story Land so this is yet another let down. :( But a Massachusetts mama decided to take matters into her own hands. She wanted to bring the fantasy and magic of Story Land to her back yard for her son, Daniel. Behold, a replica of the Three Bears' house:

Leah Coughlin via Facebook
Leah Coughlin via Facebook

It even has a sweet picket fence:

and a little kitchenette:

Story Land on Facebook saw the photo and shared it on their own page with this caption:

We ❤️ this backyard replica of our Three Bears' House! 🐻 Thank you to Leah Coughlin for sharing with us, and we hope you can come visit the big version here at the park soon! ✨

The creative things that parents do to keep their children smiling never ceases to amaze me. Great job, Leah! I am a "grown up" but I wouldn't mind coming over for a play date if the invite is still on the table :)


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