Fear of swimming in the ocean? This story probably won't fix that.

According to NECN, a lifeguard Nauset Beach in Eastham, Mass was testing out a brand new drone. While scanning the coastline, he came across a rare sight; A Great White Shark! What Cody DeGroff found next was even more hair raising. While panning the view, he noticed the Great White was headed directly for a man paddle boarding.

(cue the theme from Jaws)

The shark continued to swim towards the man, who was unaware of his increasingly present danger. Paddle boarder Roger Freeman told NECN "I was having just the greatest time," . "It was the perfect Cape Cod summer morning."

Fortunately, the shark took a half turn once it passed Freeman, much to the amazement of DeGroff., who told NECN "I was like, 'holy crap!' he said. "It was crazy." Once onshore, the paddleboarder learned of his close encounter. Freeman said "I came in, and a guy waved me over, and he was like, dude, you got to check this out, my buddy took a drone shot, look at this!"

Freeman, who was alone, told NECN he'll likely paddle board with someone else in the future.


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