A Massachusetts woman accidentally went all Monster Truck Rally with her civilian vehicle, and it ended with OUI charges.

A Halifax Massachusetts Walmart parking lot became an the impromptu location of a would-be stunt rally yesterday. However, Crustation, Grave Digger, and others weren't on the bill. Instead, a woman in her 60's, who police have yet to identify accidentally accelerated the car, driving up onto two cars parked side by side. She slightly damaged a third car in another parking lot as well, according to NECN.

There were numerous witnesses, including one employee of Walmart, who was in one of the vehicles hit. Authorities said that person, also unnamed, was shocked but unharmed. The crash caused damage to the hoods of both vehicles and the windshield and roof of one.

The woman was arrested and is due to be arraigned later today (Tuesday) in Plymouth District Court. No word if she had a previous record.





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