WOKQ Sessions season is up and running! We absolutely love getting to know up and coming country artists and watching them perform on our WOKQ Sessions stage. In the past we have welcomed artists like Lo Cash, Tenille Arts, Dylan Scott, Runaway June just to name a few. It is a real treat to see these artists perform in such an intimate space.

Our listeners get to ask the artists questions, take photos with them, and when they leave we all feel like best friends! It is thrilling to follow these artists' careers and watch them take off. Then we get to say "Hey! I remember watching _______ perform with 15 other people and now they sell out big 'ole venues!"

Oh, and did I mention lunch is included in this experience? (PIZZA!) It is basically the best day ever! Matt Stell is a dear friend of WOKQ and we are so excited to have him back.

All WOKQ Sessions are special, but Matt Stell's Session might take the cake. Let's just say it was a very memorable because two of our listeners, Steve and Lisa from Madison, got engaged right on our sessions stage! Don't you just love love?!

Then Matt played his hit song "Prayed for You" in honor of the happy couple.

If you didn't win your way into this one, keep your eye on our schedule for upcoming sessions! WOKQ Sessions is made possible by our friends at Newburyport Bank.

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