It was a disaster that spread across the United States like a plague. It was known as the Szechuan Sauce disaster.

If you're unfamiliar with the popular TV show Rick & Morty, shown on Adult Swim...or you don't eat at McDonald's, then you're most likely blissfully unaware of the phenomenon that incited protests all over the nation last year after Mickey D's ran out off Szechuan Sauce.

MSN claims it all started when an episode of the cartoon, featured the sauce in an episode. When McDonalds ended the promotion, nearly 40,000 people signed a petition asking them to bring it back. So they did in October, but they ran out before fans could get their fill. And people lost their minds.

Now the hamburger giant is bringing it back one more time to the delight of Rick & Morty fans everywhere. McDonalds posted this Tweet on Thursday.

Szechuan Sauce makes its triumphant return to McDonald's on Monday, February 26.

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