I just love this story.

The Medford Police Department paid a visit to the woman shown in their Facebook video, Antonietta Manganiello, who lives in Medford on Mayberry Avenue.  Several times a year, the PD received special treats, Pizzelle pastries delivered to the front desk.  According to the FB post, many Officers have had to brush the powered sugar off of their shirts from eating the tasty treats.

Last month, I'm assuming because she was tired, Antonietta was unable to bake as she had previously done, so she sent her daughter in to the PD to drop off a big bag of her garden tomatoes.

The MPD Chief Buckley and a LOT of other officers took their cars and lined the sidewalk in front of her house to present her with a bouquet of flowers and a plaque.  When she came out of her house, I think she was more moved by the display of all the officers who lined up in front of her house than she was with the flowers and the plaque.  After the chief said a few words to her and the applause had quieted, she invited all the officers in to her house for coffee.

The City of Medford PD feels very lucky to have someone like their very own, "Pizzelle Lady."



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