Richard and Gabrielle Desforges are first time pig owners from Concord, NH. They decided to take their sweet pet pig Porkchop to Rye Beach to see how he would like it. From the photos it seemed like he was enjoying himself thoroughly. I love how he is rocking that pink leash and not confining to gender stereotypes. Rock on, Porkchop!

Gabrielle was kind enough to share these adorable pics with the U local New Hampshire Facebook page and their was a minor dispute in the comments section, OF COURSE! Someone made a tasteless joke that they named their pet Porkchop because they plan on eating him. Of course that isn't the case so people need to knock it off. Side note: did you ever watch Doug on Nickelodeon as a kid? His dog's name was Porkchop! I've loved the name ever since.

According to Richard, You can follow Porkchop through his Facebook page where they hope to share the things they learn about being first time pig owners and the silliness of their daily interactions with him.

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