Have you ever gazed out longingly at the ocean and wondered if there was really anyone out there?  Watching the waves roll in and admiring the majesty of the ocean, its immense size and power can make us feel very small and insignificant. WMUR9 is covering the story of Max Vredenburgh who gazed out at the ocean as a ten-year-old with and wondered if anyone was out there.  He popped a letter in a bottle, telling a bit about himself, and let it sail from Rockport’s Long Beach.

Max never thought he would really get a response but nine years later, he received an answer to his letter.  The person who wrote back did not leave an address, so Max has no idea how to contact them, especially since the letter to him originated from France. The message in a bottle sailed on 3,400 miles away to a beach in southern France.

WMUR9 quotes Max on the experience “It’s the human connection and, for me, it hit me on an emotional level because I reflected on myself and my past,” he said.  “I think, for other people, it might be doing the same.”  I think I would love to find a letter written by me at the age of ten. It may be a big ocean but it’s really a small world after all.

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