You can always count on one October storm to blow leaves off the trees, and it's coming Wednesday.

Last weekend was great. My Facebook and Instagram were overrun with outdoor shots, and much of the Granite State was near peak foliage. Hope you got everything you wanted, because it doesn't appear the upcoming weekend will be able to deliver. According to CBS News 13, a Nor'easter will dump buckets of rain mid-week, and winds will kick up, knocking much of the beauty to the ground.

Dustin Long, of CBS News 13 stated "Heavy rainfall is expected Wednesday evening through Thursday. A strong low-pressure system will bring long-lasting rainfall and some heavy downpours along with some strong winds." Rainfall amounts could total around two inches in parts of New Hampshire and Maine.

With wind gusts predicted over 30mph, the leaves don't stand a chance. Also, you can throw the chance of power going out in there too.

This storm isn't likely to remove all of the leaves, so you may want to put off raking for another few weeks. You're welcome.



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