Take two hot country blondes, thrown in a "devil may care" attitude and what do you get? Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood's sultry 'Somethin' Bad' video!

As expected, Miranda and Carrie are up to no good in the video, which plays like the preview for a thriller. (That's definitely a movie we would want to see!) The two singers are in disguise, pulling off what looks like a very well-planned heist. As they transition from wigs to glam gowns to smoldering black leather, they definitely give off the vibe that nothing is going to stop them.

We can't overlook that the video keeps cutting to the two women posing for their mugshots -- clearly "somethin' really bad" did happen. Even though Miranda and Carrie look like hardened criminals, we can't help but root for them as they drive off on motorcycles.

Will they get away with the crime? Watch Miranda and Carrie's 'Somethin' Bad' video, above to find out!

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