Just when the New England Patriots are going strong after a 3-0 start, here comes the bye week, leaving Patriots Nation with a big gap in their weekend. Well, here is some football action that may help. It's our WOKQ Pigskin Pick 'Em and it could win you $10,000!

Sign up on our Pigskin Pick 'Em page and start making your selections. We also have a 40" HDTV that you could win and restaurant gift certificates for each of our weekly winners. The Patriots may be off this Sunday, but the contest rolls on. The Pigskin Pick 'Em contest is sponsored by Tall Ship Distillery, Makers of Tall Ship White Rum and Cedar Island Rum. Local spirits made by local people with spirit.

Since we're talking football, check out Juston McKinney's appeal to help Patriots fans who are going broke buying all of their championship swag. Here's hoping we're buying more post season goodies very soon.


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