Kelley Square in Worcester is at the number one spot where you're most likely to have a car accident in Massachusetts. WBZ-TV cites a report by the Department of Transportation claiming that more than 400 accidents have taken place there over a three year period.

Considered a safety hazard by the DOT, the site has no stoplights or walk signals. However, plans are underway to fix all of that in the very near future, thanks to the Pawtucket Red Sox.

The Boston Red Sox farm team is relocating to Worcester in 2021, just around the corner from Kelley Square. So city officials want to talk to the community about what needs to get fixed before the new stadium is built nearby.

WBZ says officials will hold several community meetings like the one held last night to discuss plans with residents and businesses. While there is no construction plan at this point, they hope to start construction next year, and be finished so the team can start their 2021 campaign in the new stadium.

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