Some of Santa’s Elves Wear Camouflage

More than 2,900 gifts as part of Operation Santa Claus SEA/SEIU Local 1984 holiday initiative have been delivered to social workers according to  Members of the New Hampshire National Guard pitched in to help with the delivery of toys and gifts for kids in need.  It fills my heart with joy to see men and women in uniform not with guns, but with toys in their hands.


Operation Santa Claus


Operation Santa Claus has been working hard for those families in need in New Hampshire for 61 years.  Rich Gulla, President of the state employee’s union tells the Patch “Our child protective service worker members, throughout the year, identify children in need and other members do fundraisers, do shopping, and donate time here, to provide for those children.” If you are interested in helping for next year, you can check out the website at


Making Christmas Special


The work by Operation Santa Claus is all done by volunteers who are members of the state’s employee union, retirees, and generous donations by the general public.  Especially during this rough year, those gifts under the tree will bring so much joy to the kids that might not otherwise have a Christmas.  This year more than $250,000 dollars were raised to spend on the kids.  Sponsorships were $80 a child for 2021.  What a wonderful cause and a delight to see the men in women in uniform with their arms filled with toys.


Speaking of toys

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