Have you heard the news?

The new Goat location is open for business in Manchester, New Hampshire!!!!!!

Cue the airhorns! The Goat in Hampton and Portsmouth now have a big sister in the Queen City, and according to their Facebook, she is the biggest location yet!

It is the first location to have pool tables, which will only enhance the Goat's incredible aesthetic:

The Goat Manchester via Facebook
The Goat Manchester via Facebook

Frequently asked question:

"But where are we supposed to dance when we are feeling the live country music?"

Don't worry your pretty little head. The pool tables are portable and will be tucked away to achieve optimal space for you to break it down. Yeah, they've thought of everything!


Morgan Evans is going to be taking the stage at the Goat in Manchester:

Getty Images
Getty Images

We met Morgan when he visited the WOKQ Sessions Stage in 2018:

My favorite song by Morgan Evans is Day Drunk and it is an absolute JAM!

He comes from the land down under (Australia!) and is one of the kindest most down to earth people you will ever meet. Are you surprised? I'm not! After all, his wife is the beautiful and talented Kelsea Ballerini. You don't score a woman like that by being a big old jerk!

Will Morgan be bringing his wifey and her gorgeous new brown locks to the Goat in Manchester?

We will just have to wait and see!

The show is Saturday February 12th at 9pm. Tickets go on sale Friday December 10th at 10am and you can grab them here OR you can win them if you beat or tie me in Kan't Beat Kira next week!

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