Carrie Underwood didn't get carded when buying wine and tweeted "'Tis a dark day today...I bought a bottle of wine at the store and didn't get carded. #IFeelOld #SourGrapes #Sad". Setting aside who would card a recognizable world famous singer to begin with, have you had a similar moment?

Thursday morning we'd like you to finish this sentence: You know you're old when _________. 2K and I will take your calls at 844-975-WINS all morning long and you can also join the conversation on facebook.


Once again we have your shot at tickets to see Josh Turner and Hunter Hayes (we bet he still gets carded) at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom with Wake Up Winning at 6:10, 7:10 and 8:10am. Tickets for these two shows don't go on sale until Friday morning meaning (wait for it) you can win them before you can buy them. Huzzah!


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