You win some, you lose some-- and sometimes you just hope the guy editing the video shows some mercy.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of having a shootout with Aimee Briand, the grand-niece of WOKQ News Director Don Briand and co-captain of the Berwick Academy High School hockey team. By "pleasure", I mean getting schooled repeatedly by someone half my age who just wrapped a stellar senior season and is no doubt eyeing a collegiate career soon. What was I thinking?!

Aimee Briand has got skills, I tell you. The toughest part was when she slowed her approach and waited me to make the first move. I've never been good about making the first move with the young ladies...

shootout fail
This is not the optimum position to make a save.

Thanks to Pat McNulty and everybody at the Dover Ice Arena for helping out! Thanks also, of course, to Aimee for taking up the challenge. Looking to see more of Aimee? Check out these highlights from her junior season.

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