The mother of the groom is kind of an important person to be present at the wedding.

Philomena Guarino, 52  decided to go for a walk around noon the day of the wedding. When she didn't return by 4pm the state troopers were contacted.

They searched for her by car with two dogs for over an hour and half until they finally found her in a field.

She had just taken a wrong turn and got extremely lost and I am guessing she didn't have her cell phone with her. How scary!

Just last year a friend and I were hiking Mount Watatic in NH and got so lost we had to call the police to get us out of there. They came with ATVs, it was quite the scene.

Anyway it was a good thing they found her before the sun went down because that night the temperature dropped to the low 30s and that would not have been a good situation.

They pushed the wedding off until she was found and were really happy she could be there.

I am so happy to hear she was found safe and sound!