Everyone looks forward to Bike Week in Laconia, NH and while the event was postponed till August, it has been given the green light to go ahead with the show by City Council according to manchesterinklink.com.  The event is scheduled for August 22 to August 30 and will be a big boon to local businesses, but it will be a very different event from years past.  There will not be any vendor booths but as for tents the boardwalk, there will only be a tent for the Motorcycle Week Association and some Laconia nonprofit originations that are conducting fundraising activities according to manchesterinklink.com.


Charlie St. Clair, executive director of the Motorcycle Week Association told Manchesterlink.com “We’re moving ahead.  Things will look different. But people (who rely on the event) will be thrilled they will be able to move on.”  I understand that the City Council faced a tough decision balancing the safety of its citizens and the economic dependence the local economy has on the event. It is an outdoor event and if people keep ‘one motorcycle’ distance from each other it is in line advice we have been given about keeping down the spread of COVID-19.  People will not be packed on Weirs Beach to watch the show, but there will be motorcyclists from all over the country attending.


I expect I will be hearing the motorcycles from where I live in Rochester, people that ride are passionate.  I think bikers get a bad rap.  Recently I was at Kittery Trading Post with my wife and a bunch of bikers parked next to us when we parked.  As my wife got out of the car, the bikers were so polite and said “Hello” and asked if she needed them to move their bikes for her to get out of the car and asked if she needed more social distance.  My wife was like “weren’t they such a sweet group of teddy bears!”  Bikers Rule!  I hope everyone that attends stays safe and has fun.  Goodness knows we need some fun.






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