The puppy, who became an internet sensation this past summer now has a forever home in Massachusetts, and has her sights set on the Animal Planet mainstay.

Come on, admit it. Salvador Dolly is the cleverest name you've ever heard. Right up there with "Catsy Cline." Over the summer, she won hearts all over America. Salvador was born to a brown shepherd mom and an unknown dad, and had a jet-black handlebar mustache which rivaled the famous artist. Her and her family were rescued by Hearts and Bones Rescue via Dallas Animal Services, according to

...and everyone wanted her.

According to, Ryan Landry and Scott Martino, who live part of the year in Provincetown eventually adopted Salvador Dolly. The now 12 weeks pup, is settling in nicely to her new home, and is bonding well with her canine sister, Violet, a Jack Russell terrier.

Get ready to see Salvador Dolly on the 2020 edition of Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. The special is being filmed this month for a Super Bowl Sunday broadcast.



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