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Tom Dixon Checks in from Nashville

Karen Kiley
Karen Kiley

Friend of The Morning Waking Crew, Tom Dixon checks in with a video message for our listeners.

It's Almost Snodeo Time


Next Friday kicks off another Snodeo weekend and yes, Mark Ericson will be there!


Meteorlogist Rob Carolan says it will be a mostly sunny day but cold, high 20...partly to mostly sunny in the North Country with a high of 11. Cold tonight low 3 to -15 below. Rob rated the weekend a 7.

Top News Stories

British intelligence questioned
A former head of Britain's National Counterterrorism Security Office says police and intelligence agencies lack the resources to monitor a growing number of terror suspects. Chris Phillips says the fact that a young Londoner can travel to Syria and become the masked militant known as "Jihadi John" shows that current control systems are not working and the number of people being radicalized via the Internet is increasing. Officials say "Jihadi John" is Mohammed Emwazi, who's in several beheading videos.

James Foley's parents speak out
The Rochester parents of slain journalist James Foley say the U.S. government failed them during their son's captivity, essentially shutting them out. Speaking at the University of Arizona yesterday, Diane and John Foley did not mention the Islamic State militant whose apparent identity was revealed this week and was involved in Foley's killing last summer.

Revenge porn
Maine lawmakers are considering a bipartisan proposal that would criminalize so-called "revenge porn." The measure would bar spreading intimate photos and videos online without the consent of those in the images. House Republican Leader Ken Fredette says people often post the images to get revenge on former spouses or lovers.

Wake Up Winning

Getty Images Dan Kitwood

Next week...passes to the New Hampshire State Home Show! Have a great weekend!


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