The Boardwalk Cafe and Pub is open for the 2018 season and this makes me very, very happy! See, the Boardwalk Cafe and Pub is my favorite restaurant along Hampton Beach.

1. Their salads are just the right size and are so good.
(Try the Beachside Chicken Salad)

Credit Karen Kiley

2. They make some of the best steak tips that I've ever tasted ( I would have posted a picture, but I ate them too fast)!

3. They have a great chicken parm and they make it the way I like it!
(No sauce, with a touch of drawn butter)

Credit Karen Kiley

4. The staff is friendly and they take great care of all their customers.

5. They make some pretty fantastic drinks too!

6. It's right next to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, where you'll find an awesome concert line-up this year.

7. It's conveniently located with plenty of metered parking and parking lots within a short walking distance.

Next time you're at the beach catching some rays or maybe taking in a concert, make sure you grab a bite to eat at the Boardwalk Cafe and Pub.

Fun fact:
The owners of the Boardwalk Cafe and Pub also run JB's Seafood as well. JB's is located on the corner of 'D' Street and Ocean Blvd (formerly, McDonald's)

Credit Karen Kiley