This is going to sound strange but I am not someone who loves to drink water. I mean, I get it. We need water to live and all! But drinking water on its own can get pretty boring. I like to spice it up but not feel like I am taking away from its healthiness by adding sugary flavors or sweeteners. This is why Polar Selzer is the best creation known to man. They have all kinds of fun, refreshing flavors so water never has to be boring again! And no, they aren't paying me to write this. I'm just a big fan of their work.

I am guilty of buying new flavors of Polar based solely on their name. How could I not try a seltzer flavor called "Unicorn Kisses"? Yeah, I had to.

What is even more exciting is they are adding two more flavors to their mythologically-inspired line of seltzers. According to the Worcester, Massachusetts based company and, "Mighty Minotaur" and "Pixie Lights" should be appearing on the shelves of your grocery store soon.

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