We have two rescue cats, and we love them. They are especially funny around Christmas time when the tree goes up.

We’ve found them sleeping in the tree at times to almost knocking it over.

Every morning though, we do wake up and find a couple of ornaments on the floor.

Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise

They are too funny. Our cats will climb on or into anything. We purposely leave out gift bags and empty boxes after we open them. We will find a cat sleeping in one of them for sure.

Or, they’ll just be sitting there hanging out and checking out the scenery.

I’m also including some videos I found of cats at Christmas fails.

Human and Animal Christmas Tree Fails. I love the lady who is more worried about her tv than the tree. It’s at around 1:35 into the video.

Do your pets get crazy around the Christmas tree?

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