New Hampshire has a lot going for it, and while everyone is welcome to move to the Granite State, this is enough information to make anyone want to plant roots here.

The list of happiest cities in America is interesting, and this New Hampshire city is on list.

What does a  'happy city' mean?  According to, what makes a happy place to live is "positive mental state, healthy body, strong social connections, job satisfaction and financial well-being".

Interestingly, the study found that people who make $75,000 are not any happier making more money.  People are much happier due to other factors besides money.

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Other factors include economic stability, a positive attitude, kind communities, and mental and physical wellbeing, which all equates to lower depression rates.

As for safe cities, this one community stood out as the safest city in America, which is a huge accomplishment.

We are talking about Nashua, New Hampshire, with low rates in traffic fatalities, assaults, unemployment, homelessness, drugs, and how well the local law enforcement is involved in the community.

Nashua scored very high in all of these areas.  When you look at a very safe city, it naturally extrapolates into a happy city.  With Nashua scoring high in both of these important factors of everyday living, it may be the best place to live in the country, which makes it a desirable community, indeed.

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