Avery Soda Company, based in Connecticut has come out with a new soda called the “Coronavirus Cocktail.” Is it offensive or a genius marketing ploy? Time will tell what reaction consumers give to the Connecticut based company. New York post.com is reporting that the Avery Soda Company appears to be “capitalizing” on the news reports regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

The label for the new soda, which is a vivid shade of lime green, features a cartoon version of a virus complete with an angry face. The company has added that you can make “Pandemic Punch” by using their Coronavirus soda and adding the alcoholic beverage of your choice. There is even a suggestion on the label that you “wash your hands.”

The New York Post reports that the company has spoken with Fox News about the release and commented on the response they are getting on social media by saying “overwhelming response has been positive, most folks have a sense of humor about it.” Avery Soda Company also told Fox News that “a few people think it is in poor taste.” The limited-edition soda is said to taste of a blend of lime and orange flavors. I think it's genius...an A-Plus for being topical.


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