A man sprang to the rescue, and his quick thinking saved the life of a woman trapped in a fast sinking car from a tributary of the Quinsigamond River in Massachusetts last Friday night, reporting from WMUR states.

The vehicle was traveling on Wheeler Road and hit a patch of black ice, which caused it to spin out of control and land in the river.

The driver was able to get out, but a woman was trapped inside. Chris Etre saw the crash, stopped to help and jumped into the river, according to the new station, and he was able to break a window with his wrench to help the woman to safety.

The pictures of the scene are eerie. To see a submerged car with its lights on underwater is just horrifying.

If not for the quick thinking of Etre, I shudder to think of what would have happened. We have heroes among us.

He thought fast and didn’t think about himself when he plunged into that freezing water.

Grafton police responded and “the occupants of the vehicle were transported to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester where they were treated for minor injuries and hypothermia,” according to WMUR.

The article further reports that it appears they will be okay.

It’s my hope that when I need help, the right person will be there at the right time. I applaud Chris Etre for his courage and quick actions.

Let this serve as a warning about the dangers of black ice. Take caution on the roads when the weather gets this cold.

Also, just because your car is AWD or you drive a 4X4 that won't help you from braking on black ice. Snow tires are your best bet.

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