2/3rd's take sweating over clearing off snow.

It's hot. Heat advisory hot. However, here in the Granite State, we seem to find sitting in the mobile oven also known as your vehicle as a more pleasant that a rolling icebox.

The temporary heat wave will lead us us into fall. Before you know it, snow sports will be in full swing. We're only 16 Tuesdays away from December trails open, and within that time, our first major cold snap. While the temp likely won't bottom out at -14 that early in the season, you just never know.

Yesterday, I posed the question on Twitter. Voters had to choose the more unpleasant experience. Baking in a car at 120 degrees, or waiting for the warm up at -14. Almost 70 % would choose to deal with the heat, than embrace the cold.

Paul, a Dover resident said he'd take the heat any day "this summer has been great!" "The humidity, I think, has been big for my lawn." "It's the best it's ever looked, and another thing...I'm not paying for this heat."

I'll conduct the same poll mid February, and see where we're at.



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