Summer in Maine

When you picture a vacation in Maine, you often envision our rocky shores, sandy beaches, and quaint little seaside towns. While we may only have a few short months of summer, tourists and locals in Vacationland make the most out of our time and pack the days full of beach visits and lobster rolls.

There’s a reason Maine is “The Way Life Should Be”; Days in the sun should be spent near crashing waves and fried seafood and filled with nothing but positive vibes. Brand new cottages in the charming town of Kennebunk embody just that and they happen to be opening next month.

Wanderer Cottages in Kennebunk, Maine

I’m not a surfer myself but I’ve always dreamt of being one. Every summer I tell myself this is the year but I always fall short. I am optimistic for summer 2022!

Wanderer Cottages takes the surfer vibe and lifestyle and integrates it right into a home away from home. The brand new cottages are now open in Kennebunk and are the epitome of a vacation near the Maine sea.

The interior designer, Mark Cotto, shared with Travel and Leisure that his vision for the design of these new cottages was:

“A laid-back surf lodge meets nostalgic New England Aesthetic.”

Sounds inviting, right?

With crisp white walls and ceilings, nautical and vintage furniture and decor, these tiny homes are a favorable getaway in the summer months, encompassing all the positive feelings that being close to the ocean illicit.

There are two cottage layouts to choose from, studio and one-bedroom options. All accommodations have queen beds, private bathrooms, and a wet bar for your coffee and boozey needs. To make the cottage even cuter than it already is, breakfast treat bags are dropped off at your doorstep every morning. Is that precious or what?

Hop on one of their cruiser bikes and bask in the sun on a nearby beach in Kennebunk, spend the afternoon eating seafood at a waterfront restaurant, and end the day with a relaxing swim at the heated swimming pool.

This is how you vacation in Vacationland.

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