New Englander’s are Savers, I have learned that by Living here

An important feature of the New England lifestyle is saving and repurposing things.  I have met so many innovative New Englanders. My youngest son is a lot like that.  He never wants to throw anything out because it “might come in handy” someday.

Sounds like he has a kindred spirit in Catherine Cappiello who kept the ticket for 37 years and gave it to her grand-niece Rachel Carle, according to

Late Gate Ticket

Catherine Cappiello got the late gate ticket years ago when she visited the aquarium and was too late to enter.  The ticket says, “you have arrived too late to fully enjoy our facilities, this ticket is good for admission anytime in the future,” according to

Um, I think when The New England Aquarium said “anytime in the future” that did not imagine that someone would use the pass 37 years later.

A Boston University Student Used the Ticket

Rachel Carle, from the Washington DC area decided to stop at her great aunt Catherine’s home in Trenton New Jersey on the way to college at Harvard last year.  Her great aunt gave her the ticket and she presented it to the New England Aquarium where it was honored as a valid admission ticket.

The late gate tickets were discontinued more than 25 years ago, but this one was valid and the New England Aquarium accepted it.

I hope they put it on display.  I guess the moral of this story is don’t through things away, you never know when they will come in handy.

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