Praise the fruity beer gods! I prefer my beer to taste so fruity that it fits more in the juice category. Some of my favorite fruity beers include Wachusett Blueberry, Blue Moon Mango Wheat and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. Shandys are the best because they are half lemonade half beer! Nom nom nom

For the last five years, Narragansett Brewing has been partnering with Del's Lemonade which is a company out of Cranston, Rhode Island (founded in 1948). Del’s Lemon Shandy is a simple recipe; a combination of Narragansett’s classic lager mixed after the brewing process with natural lemon flavoring and a little bit of sugar.

This year they are debuting Del’s Watermelon Shandy which makes my heart sing a sweet watermelon song!  This delectable brew is made the same way as Del's Lemon Shandy but with Del’s watermelon flavored concentrate instead. For you black cherry enthusiasts, I hate to break it to you but Del’s Black Cherry Shandy is no longer in production.

What is your favorite Summer beer?

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