If you watched the television in New Hampshire at any time in your life, you likely know who the famous Tom Griffith is.

Even if you do not know the man by name, you've seen this face if you ever watched WMUR.

Well, after 35 years of reporting for New Hampshire's WMUR, and 45 years in the broadcast industry, Tom Griffith has announced that he will be retiring, according to a WMUR article.

I know I am not the only one feeling old and nostalgic about this move for Tom Griffith. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled for him - being able to retire with the utmost respect from an entire state and even the Northeast Region as a whole is something to be extremely proud of.

His career is nothing short of incredible.

I remember watching Tom Griffith as a kid in my parents' kitchen. Not too interested in the news as a child, I would still catch snippets of Griffith. Even through small sentences, laughter, and personality, I could really tell how much he loved his job.

And he did. Tom Griffith exemplified someone who was extremely passionate about being a journalist and bringing conversation and truth to the public. Griffith was not only someone passionate about the industry and his career, but he was also passionate about New Hampshire and New England.

I think that is why my parents, and ultimately my sister and I, watched him. He was New England.

"When I arrived in New Hampshire in 1988, I thought this might just be another stop along the way in a long broadcast career," said Griffith in a WMUR article. "But I fell in love. I fell in love with a state and way of life like no other in America."

So to you, Mr. Tom Griffith, thank you. Thank you for providing New Hampshire with honest, intriguing, and truthful news. Thank you for dedicating your career here and allowing all of us to watch you spread your passion for journalism throughout New Hampshire.

Friday, June 3rd will be Griffith's last day, according to WMUR.

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