According to Forbes, the days of a smiling human face greeting you at the fast food counter are almost behind us. With the rise in minimum wage, many corporations are opting to do away with cashiers and replace them with self serving kiosks. It's like checking in at the airport but instead of your boarding pass you get chicken mcnuggets.

As of 2020, all McDonald's locations will have these kiosks implemented. Many other establishments are already using them such as Panera and most recently, I saw one at Chili's!

The joke now is "What's next? Having a robot in the kitchen cooking my food?!" Well, as ridiculous as that may sound it may not be far from the truth. Restaurants have been testing "Flippy" in their kitchens which is a robot hamburger flipper. OMG.

Do you agree with the decision to eliminate human cashiers and replace them with kiosks?

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