According to, 16-year-old Enzo Bunce was getting ready for a wrestling match in upstate New York when he helped save his own mom’s life after she went into cardiac arrest.

Enzo performed CPR and did heart compressions to the beat of the song “Stayin’ Alive”  by The Bee Gees as he had been taught, the news station reported. Enzo performed CPR on his own mother until first responders arrived and took over.

According to, not only did this young man save his mother’s life, but he also went on to win not one but two of his wrestling matches a few days later.

The Connecticut teen is being hailed as a hero for his quick thinking and remaining alert yet calm and composed.

His dedication to his team and his Mom sure makes me want a friend like Enzo. It’s a great reminder that everyone should be trained in CPR.

I keep coming across these stories about people doing CPR and saving lives, and I think that's a sign. I need to learn it myself!

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