Valentine’s day is this Friday! That’s right guys, run, don’t walk to get your sweetheart a special something or you will be in the doghouse!

Let’s not make the mistake of getting roses from the local gas station this year. is reporting on a study where the company gathered statistics of a state by state breakdown of the favorite candy by residents.

More than 50 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased this year for Valentine’s day so it’s not surprising that its New Hampshire’s candy of choice.

Those from Maine drive up sales of Chocolate Hearts while Vermont loves its conversation hearts. Are they even candy? I mean they are cute, but they don’t taste very good.

Massachusetts residents also, like New Hampshire, seem to prefer Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

One weird choice of favorite Valentine's candy came in from Alabama: Candy Necklaces, according to the article.

I didn’t even know those were still in existence.

This year I am not buying candy for my wife but going to Trader Joe’s to buy her some flowers. They have, in my opinion, the best flowers and the best price. She loves them. I am hoping for candy from her. I don’t care what kind, just lots of it.

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