Watching "The Bachelor" is the time when my daughters and I get to "bond".

I love watching the show with them to see their reactions on all the questionable contestants and crazy date ideas.

So last year's Bachelorette Hannah comes back to be on the "Bachelor," who just happens to be one of the guys she dumped last year when the whole country thought she should've picked Peter anyway? (My English teacher would not be proud of that run-on sentence.)

My daughter is even making a new recipe of Doritos fried pickles to chow down on while the show is going on.

Any contestants from New England on this season of the Bachelor? Yup!! Payton Moran from Wellesley, Massachusetts! Maybe she'll be the one that gets through to the end? I know my daughters and I will be rooting for her!

Here some cool stats about "The Bachelor":

Chelsea Roy from South Portland was on the show last year, and was on the fifth season of Bachelor Paradise season.

Alex Dillon, from Boston, Massachusetts was on Colton's season of The Bachelor, and Caroline Lunny is from Holliston, Massachusetts and appeared on Ari's season.

There are many past contestants from New England who made their premiere on the Bachelor or Bachelorette, and we hope to see more in upcoming seasons.

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