I was thinking that IHOP changing to IHOB would mean BACON. I was wrong. Many thought that the 'B' would  stand for 'Breakfast.' Well, we know now what the 'B' stands for and it ISN'T BREAKFAST!

Ready? It's...


That's right. IHOP announced earlier today that the name change is for BURGERS! According to their website and social media pages, the restaurants is now the International House of Burgers!

They are promoting their new Ultimate Steakburgers that are made with All-Natural, 100% USDA Choice Black Angus Beef, are 'un-burgerin’-believable.'

The burgers include:
Cowboy BBQ
Jalapeno Kick
The Classic with Bacon
Mega Monster
Mushroom and Swiss
The Classic and ...
The Big Brunch

The prices for one of their new burgers is $6.99 and includes a drink and fries. You can get all the info on IHOP's...err...IHOB's website!

There are 6 IHOP locations throughout New Hampshire including: Newington, Seabrook, Nashua, Salem, Bedford and Rochester.

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