The money reportedly came from seven seven bank accounts belonging to a 68-year-old brain injured customer.

According to WMUR News 9, a Stratham woman is in hot water for allegedly stealing a total of $97,000 from a customer known only as "C.M."  Britt Landsperger, was indicted on theft charges in Rockingham County Superior Court. The 46-year-old Landsperger is accused of having unauthorized control over money between 2013 and 2018. According to the Union Leader, she allegedly spent the former teacher's money to pay rent, shop, buy dinners, get manicures, throw a graduation party for a relative, and take family summer vacations, according to prosecutors.

Landsperger, a former assistant vice president and manager at TD Bank in Portsmouth, is facing up to 105 years in prison for allegedly stealing the money. Why 105 years?  According to the Union Leader, officials say Landsperger accessed seven different accounts, which is why she faces seven Class A felony charges of theft by an unauthorized taking. Each of the charges carries a 7½- to 15-year sentence.


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